Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Humbled and Bumbled

WYIRUN... variability. You can't run your best every time. You can walk away humbled.

Workouts of Note:
6/18: 4 x 1.5 Miles @ 6:49-55
6/20: Woke up in Honeyville, UT at the Crystal Hot Springs where we spent the night on the way to Sun Valley and found FLAT road. It was a luxurious cutdown run, descending 10 sec each mile starting at 7:15.

Mountain biking to dancing to a dip in the river. We spent a long weekend in Sun Valley to witness Riley and Cait exchange vows.

*With this said, I am still getting married. I know there hasn't been much talk here. With an interior designer for a mother, my control has been taken and my lack of commentary is correlated to my lack knowledge. That's not to say, I CAN'T WAIT!!

Upon our arrival back from Sun Valley, I spent the next three days moving. Throughout the move, exhaustion continued and tears ensued. The heavy lifting and staying up late was leading to my demise.   The one-bedroom studio and kitchenette did not help the situation, but we are making it work even if it does entail me trailing Adam picking up everything he leaves in his path.

The main room (before we had finished moving)

Our bedroom contraption
Before my complete demise, I managed to stay awake for the 4.5 hours to Lander where I got to spend the 4th in familiar territory and with friends I dearly miss. The nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks driving into town on Main st.. I woke up early on the 4th to finally capture the victory at the Lander Half (with my slowest time in 5 years--had to say it) to then watch the spectacle of all parades.

I made it back to Steamboat for the weekend, where we finished off the week watching Sam Bush perform some bluegrass at the free concert series only to crash head first into my 5ft high bed.

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