Thursday, July 18, 2013

Are we Alive?

WYIRUN... the euphoria of ease at the end of a long run.

7/10: Adam and I continued the trend of cycling in the morning, while I had a bit of down week running. For the first time in a while, I dabbled in intervals and boy did they burn. Since I have entered my first triathlon in a long while this coming weekend, I have to remember the burn and try to figure out how to change shoes quickly.
7/11: Run and Swim
7/12: I  ran and rode again for the 3rd time in a week, not sure what's happening.
7/13: I woke up to the longest run for me since the marathon. I ran downtown and with the cloud covered skies and felt strong the entire time. It feels like it's been a while since I have been able to say that. I got in the 18 Miles in 2:20 and headed straight into the Yampa.

7/13: We planned to go riding with a co-worker and her boyfriend but the Tour de France kept us waiting and waiting. Finally, in a bit of a time crunch for my co-worker, we took off, not intending to ride a while. Turns out her boyfriend was continuing on. My co-worker turned around and Adam and I were left to the decision to embark on a mountainous 60+ mile ride, ill-equipped. Guess what we chose? Yep, we kept going. I definitely was the stand alone straggler in the back, but appreciated the extra long ride even though we hadn't intended too.
7/14: Run and some work on a transition with a flat-tired bike. This little mini transition which included a short bike and my 4 MIle afternoon run showed how ruthless I am about not changing my plans. Even though my back bike tire was visibly flat, I ventured out on the road--- Brains, Pearson, Brains
7/15: I started some workouts today and started with a short 3 Mile tempo at 7 min/mile followed by some 4x2 minute at 5:30-6 to feel some turnover on fatigued legs. I ran this on the track but am determined to make more of effort to hit my tempos on the hills of this town.

Weekly Ramblings...
The shock of the cold water. The pain of the last mile of 18. Biking in the 5 a.m. morning air descending from LWS. The burn trying to keep up with two big strong men on a bicycle ride. The inevitable sad feeling of being removed from comfort. The tears of stress (and not being able to name it). All of these emotions ensure that we are, indeed alive. As we continue to adjust, move, live and learn, Adam and I face the exciting new moments and then crash into the lower (we are new here and not in our comfort zone) moments.

While these ones aren't as fun, they definitely make the river jumping, Tour de France like rides up the most gorgeous canyons worth it. It is hard not to think, " Have we made the right decision?" It is easy to get dragged down when social endeavors, relaxing, life-living doesn't come easy. But like running, not every run is glorious, you can't always hit paces, but when you do, you feel alive, full of life and ready to conquer. Appreciating the small things, coping with experience, good and bad, maneuvering throughout a new town and new life is stressful, but we can release that anxiety just as well as we can harbor it.

I got an e-mail from my childhood friend and when I asked how she was, she replied. "Im good - kind of grumpy this week! Haha just going with the grumpy flow and embracing it." While I can fly high after hitting a workout or conquering a ride, you have to come down some time and what better way to cope than to embrace it and know that we will continue work up, ready to fly high again.

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