Thursday, August 1, 2013


WYIRUN... owning the roads (at 3 a.m. before a flight)
7/18: I made the move and I decided to test the waters on the real road for a tempo run. I had 5 Miles between 6:50-7 and conjured up a route with only one hill per mile to make it the least stressful as possible at 7500 ft. I definitely pushed the inclines but proved to myself that I can take them on. I don't think this will happen each hard workout but a confidence booster knowing that it's in me.

7/21: Steamboat Lake Sprint Triathlon: A good first time triathlon experience in a while. I have competed before but was definitely rusty in all my tricks to the trade (not sure I have any). I just went for it and that went well in the swim, not so much in the wet suit stripping-- my worst nightmare. I mounted my bike in the most awkward way possible and was off trying to somehow gauge how fast to go and how hard to push, never found a gauge. I did have an older male as part of a team tell me, "to dig my heels in." I don't know what the even means, but I do know I was racing, breathing hard and did not give a sh**. The run portion crested a very steep hill then onto trail. With wave starts, I didn't know how hard to push since I was surrounded by all males, so I kept trying to catch the next. I ran well against the other females but am one of those who thrives off the physical competition so it was  hard to race myself when I have no realm of what my times should be. All of this mental angst put me as the 6th woman and first in 25-29 age group. I am happy to say the top females are all over 30.... I got time baby!
I think Adam struggled mounting the bike too. We need to work on our mounting?!?!
7/23: My first hill workout, but not really, since all I do is climb hills. But this one was specific and heart-beating-out-of-my-chest hard. I chose a rather steep one in town, close to the track to run a 4 Mile tempo proceeding the sprints. For some reason, I liked the pain.
7/26: Some sea level was at my fingertips and although I landed at 2:45 a.m. in Boston, I managed a Steady run between 7-7:25 preceding my 16 Miler the next day.
7/27: 16 Miles with last 3M at sub 7 min/mile. I made the mistake of hanging with dad too long (not the mistake) and starting a little later. The humidity and heat just killed me and as I circled the reservoir at the end, I was on the verge of some heat stroke (maybe an exaggeration).
7/30: Having just returned from the level of seas, I was crossing my fingers for the Vo2 Max workout. I It was a pyramid of sorts, starting with the Mile down to the 400m. I hit the first few longer distances and fell off the shorter. I guess my legs just struggle to turnover. Bahhhhh!! But I was ok, I kept a perspective.

Amidst mayhem, excitement, exhaustion, laughter, and stress, I have stopped in to pop the can of emotions. There is  mayhem of my own wedding, attending other weddings, and school gearing up. On the same token, the excitement extends from the prospect of my own wedding, seeing my family, and love from my friends and family.
Attention is on me... Bride-to-be shower
Dad wanted to come to the shower. I guess he wasn't invited. Left to his own devices, he managed!
With three sisters and my mom all trying to shop for me and registering for wedding items, we had tears welling in our eyes from hysterics! 

The stress is that I put on myself from a workout to being on time, perspective seems to be the cure (or hysterically cry until I can't anymore). Either/or

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