Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Don't Forget about Me

WYIRUN: Quote from HungryRunnerGirl, and semi- true for me. "Rest days= I get bugged by things.  Running days= I am the most easy going person in the world and nothing bothers me:)" (not sure about NOTHING)

7/31: 8 Miles and Cycle
8/1: 3x 2 Miles @ 6:45-50. Looking back on my commentary of this workout, I was satisfied with the effort and was disappointed in the way I executed each mile, a.k.a started to the mile too fast and would slow down purposefully to hit paces... not evenly paced.
8/2: 8 Miles a.m.-- SLOWEST run ever. I ran the hills near LWS with my newly broken ipod. (Sidenote: I ordered a used one for $20 the day this happened and it doesn't work either and the seller said it was just for parts. Now I have two broken ipods, both in purple). 4 Mile p.m.
8/3: 14 Miles in Lander, finally some flat ground with the first 6 Miles with the bride-to-be and Katie.
8/15: Ride and Breakfast with some beauties
I am continuing on this post as it was half written but am following up with a Special Post, featuring A Day in Life of... ME... as a little insider's peek into what I have been up too. Namely Run, Work, Eat, Work, Swim, Work, Bike, Work... and Sleep!
Workouts of Note:
Through a sickness week of 8/5, I managed Hill Repeats on our treacherous hill which included a 30 sec. burst to a jog down, 75 sec. burst to walk down (Repeat 8 Times).  Later in the week, for some turnover, I sprinted some 150m (8 Times) and ended the week with a glorious 18 Miles @7:40... not shabby for a late run on the Steamboat Hills. My 'rest' Included a time trial ride of the triathlon course which was grunt work, but helpful.
Keep posted for my, oh so interesting, day in the life post!! Coming soon.

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